RL Offshore Sdn. Bhd. (964977-U)




Flowmeter & Pump


  • Supplying various range of pump that can be engineered for blending, mixing, transfer, solvents, molasses, gasoline, resins, oil, asphalt and chemical that can be applied for oil & gas industry.


  Description: Ranger-Pump-22HHRV-300x218.jpg  Description: Ranger-Pump-22HHRV-300x218.jpg
Description: Ranger-Pump-22HHRV-300x218.jpg     Description: Ranger Pump 229P.jpg


  • Engaged in importing and exporting of all types of flowmeters that includes positive displacement flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, sensor flowmeter and etc.


Description: Ranger-Pump-22HHRV-300x218.jpg  Description: Ranger-Pump-22HHRV-300x218.jpg