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Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)





    Safety/Emergency Shutdown System 


    Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) works hand in hand with the DCS system which also sits on the SIEMENS S7 platform. Systems ESD System is designed based upon the required Safety Integrity Level required for the application. System can be operated in hydraulic and pneumatic depending on construction and design. System will be able to detect lost of instrument air, hydraulic power or failures in key components during self-check modes and even routine checks.


    Our ESD solution comes complete with:

    - Pneumatic / Hydraulic Shut Down Valves

    -ESD Interlock Controls & Functions


    Design Criteria

    - Simple and easy to understand is one of the most important design considerations

    - Ease of reach and easily available during an emergency

    - Works hand in hand with a proper Fire and Gas detection System

    - Use redundancy (sensors and final elements) to improve safety and/or reliability

    - Use analog devices rather than discrete devices whenever possible

    - Understand Human Errors

    - Utilize a high integrity (safe) and reliable (available) logic solver

    - Eliminate or minimize common mode failures

    - Verify and document interlock functionality

    - Design effective alarm systems

    - Use known and open technology

    -Test safety systems periodically


     Ensure management control of changes and system bypasses